This “Slumber Party” Dance Remix Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight


Country Club Martini Crew transformed Britney's "Slumber Party" from dreamy to dangerous.

Britney just filmed her Eyes Wide Shut (but younger)-inspired music video for the Glory cut which now features Tinashe, but it won't premiere for a month or two. Fortunately, Country Club Martini Crew took it upon themselves to reimagine it for us while we wait.

They stripped the song of producers Mattman & Robin and Mischke's whimsical elements, replacing it with an electro dubstep beat fit for the dance floor.

They also managed to get ahold of the stems of the track (the various individual parts that make up a song) and highlight unheard vocals from Britney.

It's Halloween weekend, a time to pretend you're something you are not. Perfect timing for a monstrous "Slumber Party" remix, eh?


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