“Starboy” Comes Alive In Weeknd’s New Video


The Weeknd is dead. “Starboy” on the other hand, is very much alive.

Abel Tesfaye took the neon glow hyping his new single into the Grant Singer-directed visual (“The Hills,” “Can’t Feel My Face”).

The clip opens up with a blaring Michael Jackson “Thriller” inspired synth showing The Weeknd sitting at a table with his hands tied behind his back. It’s not long before The Weeknd 2.0 A.K.A. “Starboy” suffocates him then proceeds to destroy his house with a lightsaber cross before escaping in one of Weeknd’s million dollar sports cars (Daft Punk makes a brief appearance as a painting on the wall). And if that’s not transformative enough, the kitten that jumps in with him before fleeing transforms into a panther.

Watch things evolve in the “Starboy” video below:

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