The Fragrance : Touch & New Make Up Line [RUMOR]

OK, so there is a rumor going around that Britney is to release a make up line, which will eventually replace the current Elizabeth Arden line... However the amount of truth in this, i am not sure, so dont go by this, its just a rumor....

Also rumor has also arisen that Britney is to release her second perfume called "Touch" in the spring......*coughs burberry touch coughs*..... i am also not sure about this, but it thought you should know. Here is an article from :

Elizabeth Arden reportedbly mentioned in a new press release that Britney's new fragrance, set to hit stores in March, will be called Touch. Also, Curious will be released as a deluxe package featuring a new design on January 23rd.

Once again the amount of truths in this isnt certain, im just letting you know