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This either means the wreckage from 2007's "Blackout" era continues destroying anything in its path, or social media's presence in the blogosphere is too prevalent and admitting defeat is too painful... or both. Oh, and copyright infringement is a bitch and will steal your first born if it could.

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My initial reaction to discovering the account removal is best depicted in the GIF below. No, literally, this was me staring at my iPhone 6 and the horrid message when I attempt to login to Instagram, "Error: Your account has been disabled for violating our terms. You can learn more in the Help Center."

The @breatheheavycom Instagram Account Is Disabled Right Now

You may recall Rihanna's Instagram got the infamous boot last year after she posted photos of her topless, violating the social media giant's nudity policy. She's since returned (all praise @badgalriri), but nonetheless no singer, blogger, nipple is safe.

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While starting up another account might be the only logical solution, I'll hold out sincere hope this gets resolved and get back to posting. Stay tuned...

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