Tegan And Sara’s Heartstrings Are On Display In The “Dying To Know” Video

Tegan and Sara are puppets recreating a scene from Miami Vice in their new music video for "Dying To Know."

The Quin sisters are determined to create visuals for every song off their recent LP, Love You To Death, and in "Dying To Know," the duo puts their sense of humor on blast.

In the clip, Tegan and Sara are embodied as tiny puppets reenacting famous cuts from the classic(?) television show, like riding around in a Lamborghini and cruising on speedboats.

“I remember thinking how cool it would be to have Sara and I remake the famous scene [from ‘Miami Vice’],” Tegan tells Billboard. “Sadly, neither of us can drive, nor did we have the time or funds to reshoot that famous scene in Miami. Instead we tapped director Nathan Boey in Vancouver to reshoot it using puppets! I think it might even be better with us as puppets than if we had been in it ourselves.”

Save those coins, ladies!

The video is comical, but the meaning of the song is anything but. If you've ever fallen in and out of love and reflected on the entire ordeal like it was a curious dream, this synthy pop ditty was made for you.


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