Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 To Backup Dancer’s Baby Nephew With Cancer

September 30 2015, 3:49 pm

Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 To Backup Dancer's Baby Nephew With Cancer

Taylor Swift is all too familiar with the pain cancer brings to a family.

She revealed in a touching Tumblr post earlier this year her mom was diagnosed with cancer, and it took an emotional toll. One of Swift's backup dancers, Kim “Toshi” Davidson, announced his 13-month-old nephew was recently diagnosed with the disease as well.

Davidson's family initiated a GoFundMe fundraiser for his nephew with a goal at $20,000.

He said: “My youngest Nephew Ayden 'Lil Toshi' only 13 months old has been diagnosed with Cancer,” Toshi wrote. “Keep him in your prayers please...They are still running test to find out the stage and how far it has spread...GoFundMe link in Bio...if you want to donate ... all I ask is for you to pray for him...Value the life you have and live it... Spread Love.”

Swift shared her strength and kindness this week by donating $50,000 to baby Ayden's campaign, more than doubling the original goal.

Ayden's mom Lindsey posted an update on the GoFundMe site thanking Taylor, saying "Thank you so much to Ayden's uncle Toshi and Taylor Swift for their generous donation, which will allow Lindsey to focus on Ayden and be with him day and night without having to leave his side. Thank you so much...words cannot express the deep gratitude we have for you two and everyone that is a part of TEAM AYDEN who have prayed and contributed to the cause! God Bless all of you!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!"

Swift was recently named the No. 6 slot on Fortune's 40 Under 40 list (a ranking of "the most influential young people in business"). They said she's "the poster child for all artists hoping to reclaim their rights -- and their revenue -- in a digital world."

One thing Swift is not dropping cash on? A $25 million mansion with plans to move in with boyfriend Calvin Harris, despite OK! magazine splashing the headline across their front page this week.

All the success and money in the world means nothing without loved ones. Kudos, Taylor Swift. You are awesome!