Success Is In The Journey: Fergie’s Exclusive Interview with BreatheHeavy

  • Darcy John Hallihan

    Great interview. I love Fergie’s new album

    • Jordan

      Appreciate that Darcy! Wassup, “Tension!”

      • Darcy John Hallihan

        Tension is my fav track on the album. I keep telling people that whatever “flavor” of Fergie does it for ya, you’ll find it on Double Dutchess

  • Joel

    Excellent interview, Jordan. One of the very best I’ve read from BH!

    • Jordan

      Thank you Joel!!! That means a lot 🙂

  • Michael.

    Solid interview Jordan, im also jelly about fergie being your bff.

    • Jordan

      Thanks Michael! Much appreciated.

  • Max

    Good Interview Jordan, i’m happy for you that you got that opportunity.

    • Jordan

      Thank you Max! 😀


    Great interview. Kinda makes me root for her. Really like her new album as well. Both Enchantée and Tension are awesome tracks and you can tell the girl put so much effort into the project.

    • Jordan

      “Tension” is my shiiiiiit

  • Mark

    Amazing interview!! Great job!

    • Jordan

      Much appreciated thanks! 😁

  • Paul

    Loving your recent evolution into editorial and even interviews. Fergie is incredible and you really personified her well. Keep up the great work!

    • Jordan

      Thanks Paul! I’m super stoked with how this piece turned out. More greatness to come 🙏

  • Such a great interview! Good questions – and Fergie herself is really fascinating. It’s nice that she’s obviously been informed of who you are and your background and she’s interested in you too – it’s like a conversation between you too, and not just a drill of questions. Makes for a far better interview. I can understand that artists can’t always be bothered befriending their interviewer but Fergie is definitely making an effort here and it’s great. Time for me to go check out the album!

  • Jordan

    Super stoked that Fergie shared this interview on Twitter and Instagram. Queen!!!

  • Angela Bradley

    To be honest Jordan I had not heard of BH until I read this interview. I am a loyal, longtime fan of Fergie, since Wild Orchid days (I know my age is obvious now lol). She is so amazing, intelligent, wise and a genuinely kind soul. Love her new album, “A Little Work” is one that hits you right in the heart, but she has always had that ability to touch my heart. Your interview and questions kept me reading which is not easy these days when we are all constantly slammed with “junk” articles that have catchy titles, but no substance. I will continue to follow you, you captured my heart with your honesty and genuine humanity. Thank you for giving us the chance to hear from our girl Fergie, you both jelled well together. Peace, love and respect <3

  • Melissa Furdyn

    Awesome interview!


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