Stream Kylie Minogue’s Country-Pop ‘Golden’ Lead Single “Dancing”



    Definitely not what I was expecting (specially with that name!) but it’s a grower. I was hoping she would stay in the giorgio moroder sound (right here, right now-your body). Let’s see how this works.

  • Nico

    This is BEAUTIFUL! I mean this whole era already is looking like a flop, but my gawd this woman puts all her heart in everything she does, I love her and respect her so much. If people don’t get her, it’s their loss. And she truly is needed in pop culture, she sounds like no other and her energy is unique, and she’s been around for sooo long…. Bow down, bitches!

  • Nico

    I’ve listened to this many times now, and I know what bothers me about it… In the chorus, after the second line, when this musical “breakdown” appears, she… interrupts it! She keeps on singing over it. That’s kind of annoying. It’s like she isn’t letting the music breathe somehow… I don’t think I’m being picky, I got this feeling since the first time I listened to the song and I get it every time that part comes up…


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