Stream Halsey’s Magical New Album ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’

Is it safe to say Halsey just dropped one of the best records of the year? Absolutely.

Her new album, hopeless fountain kingdom, is dark pop magic. Each song weaves in and out of romanticized themes inspired from Romeo & Juliet (she begins the album by reciting the prologue from the play). The 22-year-old set a precedent for the future of pop music with her debut album, Badlands, and her latest is its flourishing successor.

Halsey has learned a thing or two on her ascent to superstardom, and she sings about it earnestly on songs like “Devil In Me” and “Bad At Love.”

There’s a collaboration with the industry’s go-to rapper, Quavo, on “Lie” and duets with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui on their love song for the LGBTQ community, “Strangers.” A couple other highlights include “Walls Could Talk” and “Heaven In Hiding.” Ahead of today’s release, Halsey released “Now Or Never,” “Eyes Closed” and “Strangers.”

Halsey doesn't try to be anybody she isn't on hopeless fountain kingdom, and in a world oversaturated with glossy filters and fictitious tales, a real story is sorely needed.


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