Cardi B

Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Cardi B’s Interview On The Tonight Show

Cardi B purred and joked her way through a very entraining interview on The Tonight Show.

Cardi B purred and joked her way through a very entraining interview on The Tonight Show on Wednesday (Dec. 20). The singer is making the rounds ahead of her new single premiere, "Bartier Cardi," which drops this Friday.

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Some of the highlights from her chat with Jimmy Fallon include how she got the name Cardi B, why she isn't buying Christmas presents for kids this year, showed off her enormous engagement ring and her hopes of winning a Grammy.

At times, the audience nor Fallon new how to react to the Bronx native's wacky personality, and it made for some guilty pleasure television gold.

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  • Nico

    I don’t think this works… I’ve seen a couple of radio interviews in which she acts just as crazy/weird/bizarre and even though I didn’t like it those were way more informal situations, so I wasn’t particularly worried for her. However, here I think she should step up and offer something else other than straight up dumb lunatic because if that’s all she has to offer in interviews then all the attention that is on her right now will slowly fade. I mean I know she’s ghetto but come on, she has interesting stories to tell and she wouldn’t be where she is now if she wasn’t charismatic so BEHAVE, GIRL!


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