Special Message From Snoop Dogg To Britney

Snoop Dogg wants to work with Britney!

He Tweeted a message to Britney about a possible collabo, saying:


im ready for this!! @BRITNEYSPEARS http://bit.ly/9zWonp

The link leads to this video:

"Britney Spears, what up? It's big Snoop Dogg.

Hit me up so quick and so fast. Somebody sent me a song - said that you wanted me on your album. I don't know if it's true - if it is hit me back real quick right."

Britney and Snoop worked together on her 2004 "Outrageous" music video, but never finished due to her knee injury on set.


UPDATE: Adam Leber Tweeted readers saying: "Going to play @BritneySpears this @SnoopDogg video the next time I see her."