Calvin Harris Is Laughing Off Taylor Swift’s Spectacle With Tom Hiddleston


Swift. Taylor Swift.

Calvin Harris thinks Taylor Swift flying to the U.K. to meet new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston's parents is "f*****g laughable."

Understandable, considering she reportedly never met his' parents, whom also reside in the U.K., after 15 months of dating because it was apparently too far.

Sidenote: Swift toured the entire globe last year on the 1989 tour.

Swift is knee-deep in a painfully obvious publicity stunt to show the world how madly in love she is with Hiddleston, and it's a bit nauseating. We can't confirm she's hiring paparazzi to conveniently appear wherever she is (her latest photo-op took place in Rome today where the two were spotted waking hand-in-hand and kissing in public).

It's desperate looking, and despite Harris being understandably "bewildered and astonished" about the whole thing, TMZ is reporting he feels like he dodged a bullet.

And in a sad turn of events, the site is also reporting a source claims Taylor has her claws into Hiddleston to "lock down a Bond girl role ... IF [Hiddleston] becomes the new James Bond, as rumored."

I'm not biting that bait, but there's something awfully fishy about all of this.

Meanwhile Tay Tay is all...

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