Source: Britney’s Family Attending Opening Night

It's a family affair!

Britney will be in good company as her family prepares for Brit's opening night of her "Circus" touring, launching tonight in New Orleans.

"Kevin [Federline, Spears' ex-husband] will be there and Jamie Lynn, Casey, and the baby arrived last night. The entire family is uniting together for this," a tour source tells "Her kids are coming this afternoon to be with her before the show too."

Kevin arrived to New Orleans earlier this week, and was spotted spending time with sons Sean & Jayden; Kevin has sole custody of the boys for the duration of the tour.

The source adds that everyone is currently getting along and banding together to make the tour one of Britney's best.

Britney will have 50% visitation during the tour.

Good luck tonight, Brit!!!