Sorry, Taylor Swift! Beyonce Is 2017’s Richest Woman In Music


  • Nico

    I think it’s interesting that Dolly Parton is in 6th place, among such young, talented and famous singers. I know it would be silly to mention all ten names in the list, there’s a reason why you post it in the end, but in this case I don’t think her name should be skipped: the woman is 71 years old and nowadays has no real impact in the global culture of adolescents and young adults in the world (like Queen Britney and the rest do), yet she’s earning as much money or more as her peers. I am not even a Dolly fan, I barely know her, but I know enough to realise that this is huge for her. ANNND not to be a petty feminist because I’m actually not, but if this was about some old men like Paul McCartney or Tony Bennett or whatever (men are boring, those were the only ones that came fast to my mind…thank you Gaga…), we would be hearing about their astonishing achievements, let alone Elvis or Michael and how they keep earning money from their freaking tombs.

  • Асхин Апельсинов

    Beyonce might be rich, but her music is boring and not even memorable.

  • Leo Lane

    I blame this dumb sheep-like society.


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