Song of the Summer Is Here! Paris Hilton Teases New Club Banger “Crazy For You”

Paris Hilton


    She voted for Trump. Why support her?

    • 김지후

      Shut up

      • singletear

        Voting for trump is oddly enough one of the least problematic things she’s ever done. Even without that this song isn’t very good.

        • SPILL THE T

          Sure. Again, why support anyone who voted for Trump. I need not explain how Trump threatens the lives and well being of minorities.

      • Jrocka


  • Jaime

    How on earth can this crap be labelled “song of the summer” gurl you need therapy ASAP

    • Jordan


  • Steve Evans

    could it be anymore obvious you are in the pocket of her camp

    This reads like an advertorial.


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