Sia Teases New Music Video For “We Are Your Children”

September 2 2016, 10:41 am


Sia's unveiling a secret project on September 6, but what could it be?

I'm sure Sia has a backup drive of more rejected songs from Adele and Rihanna she could use for a This Is Acting II, but it appears the "Cheap Thrills" crooner is aiming to release a greatest hits.

The chart topping songstress is teasing a new clip which stars her go-to child prodigy Maddie Ziegler, only revealing the hashtag #weareyourchildren (yes, I read it as "wear your children" at first as well) and the words "the greatest." Sia hasn't clarified, but fans suspect The Greatest is the name of an upcoming greatest hits album (get it?) and "We Are Your Children" is the lead single to promote it. Sia posted a photo on Sunday holding Ziegler's hand – both displaying rainbow tears streaking down their face. Perhaps "We Are Your Children" is a song to promote equality and love?

All will become clear next week. Until then, check out the new teasers below:

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