Sia, Miguel And Queen Latifah Team Up For ‘Hamilton’ Mixtape Track “Satisfied”


Sia, Miguel And Queen Latifah's collaboration for the Hamilton Mixtape will leave you feeling satisfied.

Individually, each artist brings unique qualities to the song that make the unlikely hybrid something rather spectacular. Sia offers no shortage of soaring sounds over a continually climbing beat. Miguel's bit is too brief, but so smooth and Queen Latifah lights a fire when she spits a dangerous verse seemingly out of nowhere:

So this is what it feels like to match wits
With someone at your level! What the hell is the catch? It’s
The feeling of freedom, of seein’ the light
It’s Ben Franklin with a key and a kite! You see it, right?


The Hamilton Mixtape drops Dec. 2 and also features contributions from Kelly Clarkson, K'NAAN, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC, Resident and more, which you can listen to below as well:

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