Sevyn Streeter Drops New Track “Don’t Kill The Fun” featuring Chris Brown

The smooth-yet-synthy mid-tempo plays on a mellow R&B sound which is extremely en vouge right now, but without sounding too try-hard. It creates it’s own identity by getting progressively, well, stranger as the track goes on, descending into scratchy ’90s throwback effects and artistic, well-used vocal distortion which so many fail miserably at getting right. Lyrically, it’s not a work of art, it’s the usual club-grinding fodder that’s littered radio for the past few years, but ultimately that’s unlikely to work against Sevyn here; the music more than makes up for the forgettable dialogue between her and Chris Brown.

And yeah, Brown doesn’t add anything more than his usual purring sexuality to the track, but his assistance should boost the song’s visibility, although that wasn’t a move that worked all too well for Sevyn’s almost universally ignored 2013’s “It Won’t Stop” which also featured Brown. However, it’s probably fair to say that Chris Brown’s public standing increases as time goes by and his, well, we’ll call it unfortunate behaviour moves further and further behind him so this may be a smarter strategy in 2015 than it was two years ago. Overall, it’s a solid showing for Sevyn, and with any luck “Don’t Kill The Fun” will be a hit for her.

How you feeling about this one? If you’re planning on killing the fun or letting it live, let us know in Exhale!