Sam Smith’s Prepubescent First Record Ever ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ Getting Released


Did Sam Smith approve this?

The British pop star is doing his damnedest to stay out of the spotlight this year as he records material for his next album, so it's hard to imagine he gave the OK to London indie label Flip Book Music to release an album he recorded as a teenager.

Even stranger is the record is titled Sam Smith Diva Boy.


A website was constructed to promote the project, which features a quote from Smith as if he traveled back in time to say: "At the moment I am recording my debut album. I am truly at the highest point in my life and I don't want to fall quite yet because frankly I'm having one hell of a blast!! Thank you for the amazing support given and god bless to all of you. all my love and affection!!! Sam x"

The site also immediately plays a clip of Smith gushing over his record: “I’ve gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album. It has given me the ability to learn my art.”

Sam Smith Diva Boy Tracklist:
1. A Little Melancholy
2. All This Madness
3. Bad Day All Week
4. Little Tin Buddhas
5. Momentarily Mine
6. Out Of Our Heads
7. Show A Little Mercy
8. So Much More To Lose
9. Time Won't Wait
10. When It's Alright

They even scrounged up a music video for a song titled "Momentarily Mine."

None of it's new, yet all of it is unexplored.

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