Sam Smith Appears On Ellen, Shares New “Lay Me Down” Remix

"I haven't played a character. I didn't rehearse anything I said last night. It's just a genuine response."

Now that Sam is a globally-recognized artist, he can chuck his slow songs to a producer, remix the background with punchy beats and breathe a little new life into them. His new song "Lay Me Down" sees such treatment.

DJ Paul Woolford stripped back Smith's emotional ballad, adding in his own unique production using slick and intense production blends elegantly with Sam's distinguishable vocals, transforming the ballad into a high powered remix worthy of dancefloors across the globe.

Listen to that here:

Smith recently said food is better than sex or music, but perhaps he'll rethink that after his major win on Sunday. Then again, he does tell Ellen he flew his family out to eat In N Out to celebrate, so... there's that.