Ryan Tedder Tells BreatheHeavy: Thank God Madonna’s Song Leaks Weren’t Mine

I don’t know how Madonna’s leaks happened, I’ve never had anything leak knock on wood, so it wasn’t mine but I really don’t know how that shit happens.

I don’t know who does it, obviously there are a lot of people who spend way too much time scouring the internet for stuff to exploit and make a name for themselves as hackers or whatever and I think that’s where it comes from. I did speak to her a few days ago but the leaks were nothing to do with the stuff I’m involved with thank God.

With my tracks I have set up password encryption and I change my passwords all the time. I mean there is only so much you can do, change your password and never send open emails with mp3’s attached.

I mean I don’t even know if the stuff I’m doing will even be on the album.

The thing is with artists of that nature you never know if what you doing will make it. They operate in their own kind of stratosphere, U2 and Madonna. Like I never even new Beyoncé was going to drop her album or that XO was going to be a single until like 3 hours before it happened.I didn’t even know the U2 album was mixed when it dropped.

Fear the queen.