Rumor: Katy Perry Hacker Targets Lady Gaga’s LG5 Next


IF this alleged hacker is real and IF these new clips are Lady Gaga, then Mother Monster's new sound on LG5 is pop rock.

Last month, randomly, an Internet troll was successful in hacking Katy Perry's Twitter account and unleashing a barrage of ridiculous messages, one aimed at Taylor Swift, then leaked a demo thought to be from a recent recording session slated for Perry's forthcoming studio album. At one point, Katy Kats flooded the user's timeline, who hid behind the handle @SW4yLOL, with requests to leak more music. "I'm not leaking anything else," the anonymous user replied. "Please stop asking me too."

Not long afterward, Twitter suspended the account.

Here we are two weeks later, and a similar pattern is happening, this time with Lady Gaga. A second suspect account @sw5lol is back to the antics, leaking clips of what they claim are snippets from Gaga's forthcoming record, as well as possible song lyrics.

Trolling around the Internet and reading comments from Little Monsters, the verdict is unclear. Is it Lady Gaga? A good fake? It's difficult to decipher what the lyrics are in the low quality clip, but I must admit it's somewhat convincing. Maybe because I'm that thirsty for new music from The Fame Monster, or because it actually does sound like the "ARTPOP" singer?

Head over to YouTube and listen to the clips HERE.

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