Rumor: Katy Perry Is Filming A Music Video For “Tsunami”


  • Anthony Lopez

    Sorely missed? Sure, Jan.

  • Nico

    “Katy’s latest video for “Roulette” was…” > when, what? In what world??

  • Jrocka

    She had a video for Roulette 😳 I thought it was hey hey hey lol anyways can’t wait i actually like that song

  • Patrick OBrien

    The album sucks, no video will save this era. She lost her connection with her fans and I believe it started with that short butch hair cut, the weird interviews, and her overall demeanor. She is just sort of annoying now, but she can fix it all. She needs to take a step back, find her inner self and reconnect, and then start a new album.

  • Leo Lane

    Why? Does she think people still care? So sad.

  • Jirka Hyka

    I love Tsunami, but i think its wasted money and time, Hey Hey Hey flopped at charts so i think the same about Tsunami, its end…

    • Albert Saludaga

      Hey Hey Hey was just a gift fot the fans. And only release as a single in Italy.

  • Arie

    All her music videos for her latest album have been complete shit. I’m still waiting for her to blow me away.


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