Beyonce Accidentally Announced The ‘On The Run 2’ Joint Tour With JAY Z


  • Spamilot

    I don’t actually believe this rumor (want this tour to happen) but I wouldn’t put it pass them because Beyoncé was in the middle of TMCSWT when they announced their last joint tour together and it only took them 3 months to put together. And she’s notorious for putting together shows and tours very quickly. During the formation world tour, her lead dancer did an interview where she said that they didn’t start putting that show together until after the super bowl. Which would’ve been another 3 month period to put a show together and TMCSWT was put together after the super bowl 2013; and during that tour she filmed all the videos for self-titled. So I can definitely see this happening but I’d rather she just go on a solo tour.

  • Anthony Lopez

    These two are so boring. It’s like they can’t muster up any hype without using each other as props. She makes an album all about him. He makes an album all about her. Countless, predictable collabs. Joint tours. Maybe the creativity well has dried up for them? #GodGodGirlGetAGrip.

  • ヒメネス ペドロ

    Too expensive tickets for Jay-Z’s rap and Bey’s playback…

  • @brocklovesgreys

    No thanks. I pass.


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