Robin Thicke And Juicy J Slam Tequila In New Song “One Shot”


Robin Thicke and Juicy J are up to no good in their new collaboration on "One Shot."

It's been a tough week in the states, and I imagine millions of Americans will wallow their sorrows away tonight at the bar. Perfect timing for Thicke and Juicy's anti-sobriety throwback anthem, which finds the two boasting about their drunken sexcapades under a spell of hard liquor.

Two tequilas, shoot ’em down
One tequila, third round
Come with me, let me buy you a drink
I’mma tell you how the story goes
Bartender, ‘nother round on me. Two or three shots you going down on me.I’m a king, go ahead…put a crown on me.

Be mindful of the looming hangover spell; the track is sugary sweet.


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