Rita Ora Bows Out Of ANTM, Readying New Music In April

April showers.

Rita Ora has been trying to release a new album for years. She collaborated with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris on a heap of material, but after their bitter fallout, the producer barred her from performing any of their past work that he owned the rights to. That included arguably her biggest hit to date, "I Will Never Let You Down," and any of the newer works. Fortunately, the British pop star is back on track. She and Harris reportedly buried the hatchet, and she's focusing on her forthcoming LP. Ora announced her departure as host of America's Next Top Model (Tyra Banks is back, bitches) because she is readying new music.

During a fan signing earlier this month, Ora spilled the beans. She revealed her new single drops in April.

“I’ve worked with some incredible people, like Stargate, and I’ve really taken it back into time,” Ora told Billboard recently. “Even Nile Rodgers put down some cool guitar riffs on there… I wrote everything on this record, it’s all live music, obviously mixed with some great beats. It’s all about melody and my love for soul and harmonies. It’s the first time I’ve ever been proud of my music.”

Burn to 2012's Ora. But sure.

She added, “being from the U.K., and having that love for grime music and English rap, the Skeptas and the Giggs of the world that we’ve got [representing for] our youth, that is very important to me. There’s a song called ‘I’m Not Afraid,’ that talks about everything that people may think I’ve run away from. There’s a song called ‘Soul Survivor.’ It’s not a dwelling record — this is a happy record. It’s about breaking through. It’s like a rebirth.”

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