Rihanna Keeps It Cool Despite Beyonce & Jay-Z Breakup Rumors

Rihanna thinks they are “a beautiful couple with a gorgeous daughter and are living their fabulous fucking lives,” a source tells HollywoodLife.

She also thinks “they’re a beautiful and a hella powerful couple,” the source continues. “They’ve got everything that anyone would want. A child. Illustrious careers. They love one another and they’re showing no signs of slowing down their empire. If anything, Rihanna admires that type of relationship they have and wants that kind of sh-t for herself.”

Sounds like Rihanna is the source...

“Jay is like a father figure to Rihanna,” the source added. “Over the years, he’s helped groom her into the star she’s become and has been nothing but supportive of her and her career. That’s just it, nothing else.”

Nothing else besides the occasional hookup! ~Allegedly~