Report: Lady Gaga Banks $100 Million For Two-Year Las Vegas Residency

Lady Gaga

  • Nico

    This sounds great, and we can count on her that she’ll give her all for this, like with every project she embarks on. And isn’t that a gorgeous dress?! ugh… This sort of looks like Marilyn Monroe, but I’m sure that’s not the exact look they went for. Could anyone pinpoint me a more precise reference please??
    I’m curious as to how they negotiated the conditions about her health in the long run, though…
    And another thing, as a side note… Now she speaks as if she had ALWAYS been a Vegas girl and performing there has ALWAYS been a dream of hers… Girl, you always say the exact same thing about everything you do. I get she’s passionate about what she does but she mimics / shifts into every new character / project with scary devotion and precision. Almost like changing personalities. I’ve always thought that her constantly using over the top costumes and crazy outfits was a way of hiding under a character and never revealing her true self, and this just seems like a more sophisticated way of doing the same thing. That is something that I both admire and feel apprehensive about. I mean come on, can’t she just be comfortable with herself in a shirt and a pair of jeans once in a while? And I don’t mean a la Joanne, I mean with regular clothes and no stylish hats and no freaking make-up. Just.her. Her life truly looks like a circus. A glamorous one, but a circus at last. Take a general look at her Instagram: it’s an open fashion magazine, every single day of her life (because she posts everyday like crazy). Just a thought… And NO I’M NOT BEING A PETTY PEASANT haha!

  • opmbworldwide

    This is BS. Celine’s residency made only $400M over 700+ shows, over so many years. Elton’s $150M over 4 years, Britney’s $135+ over 4 years, are they going to price her tickets at $1,000 each? !M per show, BS!


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