Report: Justin Timberlake Will NOT Perform At The Grammys

Justin Timberlake

  • Kerria098

    For a blogger you sure don’t know much. Justin is skipping performing at the Grammy’s because when you do the half-time show you never do the Grammy’s. Just like when you do the half-time show once your signed you can’t perform live on television anywhere before it. And his beef with the Grammy’s is over the snub of the 20/20 Experience not Can’t Stop The Feeling.

    • B +

      Mess… Gaga, Beyonce, Bruno all did Grammys after their half-time show. Where did you come out with this bs?

      • Kerria098

        They can present but under pretty much all SB halftime contracts you cannot perform at the Grammy’s if you perform at the Halftime show. This has been an unwritten rule for as long as I can remember.

        • Amaranthus63

          They have lightened up on their past rules of letting people perform at the Grammy’s if they perform at the halftime show. It used to be also you couldn’t do the Grammy’s if you did the AMA’s but they’re changing that too. But you are right that this hdd piece seems to be misunderstood by this site. Nowhere did it say he had been offered or turned down a performance at the Grammy’s. So for all we know he still might do it.

  • Andres Rompapas

    who cares anyways? Can’t Stop the feeling didn’t deserve to be nominated tho. I’d rather see Bruno performing he is got the hits and is performing so well lately.


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