Updated: Pop Emergency! All Five Of The Spice Girls Have Reportedly Agreed To A Reunion


  • terry

    The Sun? You’re reporting “news” from The Sun? SMH.

  • Δημήτρης Καράλης

    It’s not all about the money and I bet that Victoria will sing again #victoriasing it’s good news thank you anyway VIVA THE SPICE GIRLS

  • ヒメネス ペドロ

    Tabloids always talk about Victoria like she was the devil. They are one of the reasons why she refused to sing again… Lies and more lies…

  • Jordan

    OMG the update

  • Marc

    Emma just confirmed it…. lol

  • Marc


  • Mikey Moo

    What is the point of another compilation of their greatest hits? There’s like 50 billion compilations of those songs. I would rather they do a new album and/or tour.


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