Report: Britney Spears Returning To Las Vegas With New Show In 2019


  • Shane AS

    Maybe US weekly saw your receipt and made up story from there?

  • Marc

    It’s hard to believe this is true…. it’s obvious her and the dancers are bored with the show, tied down to one place and all the choregraphies as they are. And with how energetic and happy they were all were during the international shows and on the final show, especially in the final moment… it’s very hard to believe this is true unless it’s done by force (i.e. her papa and Larry)…. which I wouldn’t be surprised since it’s easy money for them and they don’t really care for what’s better for her and the dancers.

    • Southern Gal

      You very clearly don’t have kids and are a selfish fan. She wants to spend time with her boys and can’t drag them all over the world. Las Vegas lets her spend time with her boys AND perform. Or would you prefer her retire and just stay at home because she’d do that if there was no other option. It’s ‘hard to believe it’s true’ because you don’t want it to be.

  • Romivil Cayabyab Jr.



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