Read Madonna’s Not-So-Subtle Response To Lady Gaga


Madonna is responding to Lady Gaga's comment she's nothing like the Material Girl because she writes all of her own music.

During an interview with Zane Lowe, Gaga slammed any comparison to Madonna. "I wouldn’t make that comparison at all... I write all my own music. I spend hours, and hours a day in the studio. I’m a producer, I’m a writer," she said. "What I do is different. I’m not just rehearsing over and over again to put on a show. There’s a spontaneity in my work. I allow myself to fail... There are major differences between me and her."

She makes a point, but Madonna is an accomplished songwriter in her own right. Last week, she was nominated to be inducted into the Songwriting Hall of Fame, but the Queen of Pop wants to personally clarify. She wrote a post on Instagram (before deleting it) that defends her talents:

"Ink is the blood of literature," she wrote. "Remember when people used to write?"

It went on to say: "This post is not commentary on my ability to write. I have no need to defend myself. I love the art of writing. Putting ink to paper. It's more soulful then texting and so beautiful to receive a handwritten letter."


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