Radiohead: We Haven’t Filed A Lawsuit Against Lana Del Rey… Yet

Lana Del Rey

  • Nico

    I simply do not understand how there can be confusion over such a matter. I mean, these are basically two completely different versions of the same thing. But facts are facts. Whatever Radiohead’s team is asking for must be specified in written form somewhere. Lana, READ. And why is this going on since freaking August? What is so difficult to solve?

  • Artists, like scientists, build upon the foundations of everyone who came before them.

    Our current copyright laws neglect this reality and fail to protect the rights of the actual creators. Instead, the laws favor the corporate owners who can wring money out of those who may or may not have built upon the foundations they bought.

    I think we need a new type of credit that lists musical samples and stylistic influences for each song. Offering that official categorization would lead fans of a song to any source material that may have inspired it. Fans could then easily purchase and support the source material and its owner.

    It’s not accurate to add co-writers to a new song that contains samples or similarities to an old one. That splitting of the writing credits and profits invites abuse of a system designed to protect the commercial viability of a unique creation.

    Yes, a copyright owner should be able to sue and win credit/money if their work is ripped off substantially, but the entire point of releasing music is to impact and influence others. The copyright laws should foster the next generation of creation in addition to accounting for the references that paved the way.


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