R. Kelly Released His Own Version Of DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You” Without Justin Bieber

December 19 2016, 12:01 am

Justin Bieber was the key ingredient in DJ Snake's "Let Me Love You," so what the actual?

A few big names took a stab at transforming DJ Snake's song with Justin Bieber, but so far they pale in comparison. Marshmello remixed it into something appropriate for the dance floor, and Zedd stripped away the quirky Woody Woodchucker background noise and replaced it with a tropical-tinged electro-beat and brooding opera background vocals.

The latest is a remix from R. Kelly, who deleted any trace of the Biebs and features himself as the sole collaborator.

He sings:

"No one said this would be easy / There's a chance we might get hurt / Baby love is like an ocean / Well I wanna dive in head first."

When Nicki Minaj re-imagined Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" into "Black Barbies," it worked, but for some reason R. Kelly removing Bieber entirely just screams desperation. Almost as desperate as telling someone "let me love you."


R. Kelly and Bieber previously collaborated together on 2013's "PYD," so a joint-effort on "Let Me Love You" would have been far superior. Then again, this year has produced a whole heap of things I can't explain, so...

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