Quincy Jones Thinks Taylor Swift Makes Bad Music

Taylor Swift

  • Nico

    I do NOT like TS, but no one can say she doesn’t work. She’s also on every detail of everything she does. So maybe you can say she still has a way to go, but she’s definitely a hard worker and she BREATHES her music and lyrics. So maybe we should let her perfect her talent… like I’m sure Quincy had to do with his own work too. Do not tell me he’s been great from the start because that’s bullshit. And he sounds condescending, which is a sign of immaturity, and he doesn’t give reasons to back his statement up, so whatever, keep complaining old man…

  • Michael Vašek

    No lies detected – she released s— music since 2011.

  • Jrocka

    Her song writing is very elementary he didn’t lie….he never diss her star power but he was right bout the song writing 🤷🏿‍♂️ influential is a bit of a reach tho lol there’s way better female songwriters who can slay her


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