Pop Emergency! Madonna Confirms She’s Working On New Music



    C’mon, Queen! I’m waiting.

  • Isobel R

    OMG My day just got amazing #bestnews

  • Y’vonne Matthews

    Not excited about the stripped back era! Her vocals need production!

    • Sean Massich

      I think the opposite. Can’t wait!

      • Armando

        Agreed! American Life is one of my favorite albums of hers and it had that raw acoustic vs electronic element that I loved. I hope it’s similar.

    • Isobel R

      I love Madonna’s voice. She sounded the most gorgeous just playing her guitar when I saw her LIVE on her last tour. Shame you didn’t see it.

  • Shiela Edwards

    I hope it’s better than Rebel Heart. That album was awful. I only liked a couple of songs. She needs to find her voice from Ray of Light. That’s the best album to date.

    • Isobel R

      I disagree, Rebel Heart is one of my favorites from her, still listening to it today!


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