Pink Headlining Summerfest 2017

November 14 2016, 12:13 pm


Pink will resume her pop star duties at the 50th anniversary of Summerfest.

Miraculously, Pink managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for what appears to be a solid eight months, and while she'll become a mommy-of-two in the coming weeks (they say one is one, two is 10), she isn't hanging up her silks for long.

Pink, along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are the newly-announced headliners at Summerfest next year, which takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 28 - July 2 and July 4 through July 9.

Pink's show is July 2.

At the time of posting, the Summerfest website wasn't working properly, but they announced it via Twitter.

The next logical conclusion is that Pink is readying to release a new album prior to her set.

The pop star has been notably absent from pop music in recent years, but took part in several standalone projects, including a folk record with Dallas Green under the name You+Me, the soundtrack song "Just Like Fire" for the recent Alice film and a country tune with Kenny Chesney titled "Setting The World On Fire."

But we need our feisty Pink pop songs back.

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