Piers Morgan Wishes Followers A Happy Halloween By Dragging Madonna


Piers Morgan, shit-stirrer, reignites his feud with Madonna by posting an unflattering photo of the Pop Queen.

The British TV personality threw some spooky shade at the "Material Girl" on Halloween for seemingly no reason, but after a bit of digging, his hatred for Madge goes back more than a decade.

In the past, he’s cited a “bread roll throwing incident in London” in the mid ‘90s, a hotel incident in the south of France at the Cannes Film Festival involving a photographer and a bodyguard, an incident involving a pub owned by ex-husband Guy Ritchie where his brother who was the manager and, likely the actual cause for concern, a shiesty move from Madonna’s rep as reasons why he loathes her.

“You know the worst thing Madonna did to me? Madonna’s publicist once said to me, ‘Listen to me, Madonna is not pregnant,’ when I was running a newspaper, Piers told Access Hollywood in 2011. "And I said, ‘Are you sure?’ She said, ‘Listen to me, Piers. Madonna is not pregnant.’ The next day, they announced [the news] on a rival newspaper’s website.”

He can’t let it go.

“The only way she can come back is to literally get on bended knee in somewhere like Times Square on national television and beg me for forgiveness,” he said at the time.

Fast forward to today, and we have this gem of chauvinistic disparagement:

Earlier this year, Morgan wrote a story for the Daily Mail labeling Madonna an "embarrassing mother" and slut shamed her.

Meanwhile, Madonna remains unbothered. Earlier this month, she promised U.S. citizens a blowjob if they voted for Hillary Clinton. Suck on that, Piers.

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