Pharrell: “Blurred Lines” Verdict Is A Blurred Mess

Speaking with the Financial Times about the lawsuit, Pharrell sounded discouraged about the ruling and emphasized how harmful these creative perimeters can really be.

Everything that’s around you in a room was inspired by something or someone. If you kill that, there’s no creativity.

Pharrell and Thicke don't know if they're going to appeal the verdict, but it would seem like a move that's right in line with the producer's heart. Skateboard P has a theory that we "if we lose our freedom to be inspired, we’re going to look up one day and the entertainment industry as we know it will be frozen in litigation." Fair enough.

On Friday (March 20), the Times reported that the Gaye family filed an injunction that would try to stop the distribution and performance of "Blurred Lines," and that is the one and only silver living I can see to this entire situation.

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