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Rihanna’s Record Could Be Album Of The Year According To Leaked Doc

Rihanna's Album Could Be Album Of The Year According To Leaked Doc

Take it, take it, baby, baby.

A low quality screen cap (that’s probably fake but whatever) lists 17 songs allegedly from Rihanna’s much anticipated new album called, according to this, “Lost Files.” The leak claims the album is set for a November 25 release, and features collaborations with Eminem, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Chris Martin.

1. Bold
2. Trouble
3. Ain’t No Drama
4. Barz (featuring Nicki Minaj)
5. A Drug & A Dream
6. All Night
7. Lovin, Fallin, Dyin
8. Tattered Heart
9. Real Talk (featuring Drake)
10. Hall of Fames/Flames?
11. Pray 4 Me (featuring Big Sean)
12. Oceans
13. Veins
14. Lost Files (featuring Eminem)

The Deluxe version has three more songs.

See the doc here:

What You Need To Know About Gwen Stefani’s New Music

What You Need To Know About Gwen Stefani's New Music

Gwen Stefani doesn’t lie!

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Gwen Stefani’s new music. She released her song in collaboration with Pharrell and Benny Blanco called “Baby Don’t Lie.” It received rave reviews for sounding true to her roots but current – forward even.

The music video debuted today – some think it looks like a poor man’s “Rude Boy” from Rihanna, but I personally love the low quality pixely (not a word) feel to it. The colors, the shapes, the walking, it’s perfect for those who dabble in drugs. Or don’t.

She also shared a preview of another song she worked with Pharrell on called “Spark The Fire.”

BreatheHeavy rounded up the best tidbits from several of her interviews about her musical stuff this week. I know you’re already bored.

The juice:

Jennifer Lopez Might Be Vegas’ Next Big Residency

Jennifer Lopez Might Be Vegas' Next Big Residency

Watch out Britney Spears, there’s another pop diva eyeing your Vegas crown!

That’s JLo at Brit Brit’s Piece Of Me show In Las Vegas on Friday.

The “Booty” singer reportedly also dropped by Shania Twain’s show with manager Benny Medina. Rumor has it she wants in on the Vegas residency fad sweeping over the pop star community.

Nick Jonas Takes It Back In “Wilderness”

Nick Jonas Is A Sexy Beast. Oh And Listen To "Wilderness"

Nick Jonas gets wild in his new song. But not really.

“Wilderness” is the latest release from the (like omg) hottie Jonas Brother. It’s a pretty groomed, catchy pop song, but Taylor Swift kinda beat you to the punch on the outdoor song thing.

Listen to Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods” here.

Standout lyric:

“Let’s take it back. Heeeey.”

The mid-tempo beat thumps perfectly amidst the whistling and low-key background vocals.

It’s nice. Listen to it here: