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Britney Leaves Poland En Route To Germany

Britney Leaves Poland En Route To Germany

Standin’ in the line haaa I think not.

Britney embarked on a whirl-wind promo tour this week in Europe to support the launch of her new lingerie line, The Intimate collection. On Tuesday, Britney made her appearance in London, then on Wednesday premiered it in Poland.

Of course every step of her journey was documented, including her exit from the airport with mama Lynne in Warsaw en route to Germany.

Get ready for more intimate promo, y’all!

See a video of Britney at the airport today below:

Mariah Carey’s Taking Her Tour And New Body To Asia

Mariah Carey's Taking Her Tour And New Body To Asia

Mariah Carey remains a diva, just skinnier.

The elusive chanteuse recently announced she’s taking her tour around the world. The Elusive Chanteuse Tour will make stops in New Zealand, Australia and now Asia.

She’ll make stops in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and more.

MC said on her website:

“I want to experience the spontaneity and emotion that I put into this album on stage with my fans. I can’t stop writing songs so don’t be surprised if you hear a brand new song that I just wrote the night before the show in your city!”

She recorded a video for Chengdu. No airbrushing involved (allegedly). See it here:

Jessie J Teases “Burnin Up” Video

Jessie J Teases "Burnin Up" Video


Jessie J released a tiny teaser from her “Burnin Up” music video with 2 Chainz, and it’s shaping up to me the music video of the century! Errr, month, but irregardless it looks awesome.

It has all the elements to make it a hot pop vid: black leather outfits, choreography, backup dancers and a mean mug. I’d run far, far away if I saw her in a dark alley with that stare.

Watch it here:

You+Me’s Dark Ballad: “Break The Cycle” Video Is Out

You+Me's Dark Ballad: "Break The Cycle" Video Is Out

Pink’s and Dallas Green released a new song/video together.

Their band, You+Me, debuted the music video for “Break The Cycle” today. It’s a love song dedicated to Pink’s mother in the form of a haunting ballad.

“Let me heal the wounds you’ve held onto for all these years / Break the cycle, break the chains / Love is louder than all your pain.”

“We were at the bar talking and I really wanted to write a song about my mom,” Pink told HuffPost Entertainment. “It didn’t turn out to be quite the love song I thought it would be, but it’s very honest and came out to be so much more.”

“The words of the chorus is the loving, nurturing part,” Green said. “I did not expect this song to turn out the way it did and it’s so good.”

“It doesn’t sound like you featuring me, or me featuring you,” he continued. “It sounds like us.”

Listen to the song here: