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Christina Milian Drops Comeback Single “Rebel”

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Christina’s embracing her own rebel heart with new track from her comeback record.

Once upon a time, Christina Milian seemed to be one of the most up-and-coming acts in R&B but the years have not been kind to the “AM to PM” star. Despite scoring a couple of modest hits back in the ’00s, the singer has been reduced to reality TV fodder, launching ‘Christina Milian Turned Up’ at the beginning of the year to relaunch her music career.

Of course a music career isn’t a music career without any actual, y’know, music, so whilst her reality show has pulled in some buzz, it all hinges on the success of lead single “Rebel” which hit the net today.

Listen below and decide whether the track can give the star a taste of her previous success:


Kanye’s New Album Title and Cover!

Kanye West just announced his album title and what appears to be the cover on Twitter.

The title “So Help Me God” complements the use of religious imagery for the cover.

Eagle-eyed rap fans over at reddit’s hiphopheads sub-forum, deconstructed the unusual image.

“Its a 13th century Monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary.”

Some speculated that the use of religious iconography might tie into promo single “Only One” being sung from the point of view of Kanye’s deceased mother, Donda.

What do YOU think of the title/cover?

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe – February 28

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe - February 28

Britney Spears has a Piece Of Me show tonight, but FIRST… stop what you’re doing and text ‘Vote Britney’ to 81500!

Britney performed Friday night in Vegas with another show on Saturday.

Meanwhile, we’re impatiently waiting for moar “Gimme More” VMA rehearsal footage…

Carly Rae Jepsen Is Back! Listen to “I Really Like You” Now


We missed her so, so bad!

Call Me Maybe singer Carly Rae Jepsen is set to ditch her current one hit wonder status and return to music after an extended break.

The first single, titled I Really Like You, sounds like another classic earworm smash in the making, creatively using the word “really” as an irresistible hook.

Check it out below!