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Madonna Is Over Her Feud With American Horror Story Star Lady Gaga

Madonna tells Rolling Stone: “I don’t care anymore” about her beef with Mother Monster.

Meanwhile, the Oscars showstopper confirms she will join the cast of American Horror Story as a series regular, posting a creeptastic promo for it.

Taylor Swift Criticized For “Cheap” Donation.


In the latest edition of “The Media Has No Real Dirt On Taylor Swift…”

Debbie Downers have taken to twitter to slam Taylor Swift for, get this, donating $50,000 to a New York school. The audacity, the gall!

The naysayers claim her donation wasn’t enough to really make a difference to anything.

“Taylor Swift giving 50,000 dollars to NYC schools is like me throwing a quarter at a homeless guy,” Twitter user @KatiePisarcik fumed Tuesday.

Geez, can she live?

The donation comes out of iTunes profits earned from her 1989 album opener “Welcome To New York”, which the pop star performed on the Late Show a few months back, despite it not being released as an official single.

“The song “Welcome to New York” has been certified gold with 500,000 copies sold. ITunes charges $1.29 per download and most artists make about 10 cents for each dollar a song earns through downloads, leading some to question the generosity of Swift’s donation.”

Now while it is valid to consider that $50,000 might be a bit cheap for someone who earned $64 million in the past year, her previous charity work should not be undermined either. A quick google search finds Taylor has donated money or given time to 26 charities and 28 causes since she rose to fame. That’s pretty damn admirable, right?

Swift’s publicist also clarified the $50K donation is just the first in a series of upcoming donations for her new hometown.

“This is not a one-time donation. Taylor will continue to donate the proceeds she receives from the sale of the single ‘Welcome to New York’ to N.Y.C. public schools.”

Do YOU think Taylor donated enough?

Britney Wants To Extend Piece Of Me Through 2016

Britney Wants To Extend Piece Of Me Through 2016

Britney was offered a touring contract for 2016, but she’ll probably extend Piece Of Me another two years instead.

Hoping to see Britney Spears perform in the next two years? You can! Just be sure to book a room in Las Vegas.

Listen To Kelly Clarkson’s Song With John Legend Titled “Run Run Run”

Listen To Kelly Clarkson's Song With John Legend Titled "Run Run Run"

Kelly Clarkson’s next “Piece By Piece” release is a heart-felt power ballad featuring John Legend.

Kelly teased she had a special male collaboration on her new album, but we didn’t see this one coming! She’s slowly sharing songs from her new album, and her latest song, “Run Run Run” with Legend is a flawless cover from Tokio Hotel.