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Ariana Grande's On Lorde's "Hunger Games" Album

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Ariana Grande’s On Lorde’s “Hunger Games” Album

Ariana Grande's On Lorde's "Hunger Games" Album

Ariana Grande revealed in the most uninteresting way she’s on an interesting song with Lorde.

During a livestream with fans on Tuesday, Ari says she’s excited for everyone to hear the song that she recorded with Lorde and Diplo for the “Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Pt. 1″ soundtrack, saying:

“It’s a very interesting song. It’s very different.”

She then was carried off in a chariot to go number two.

When the tracklist debuted last week, it was missing one of the songs – fans speculated it was meant to spark interest, mystery, muahahaha. Nope, Lorde burst the bubble saying that song wasn’t finished yet is all.

Taylor Swift On Track To Sell 1 Million+

Taylor Swift On Track To Sell 1 Million+

Taylor Swift may become the first person to have three separate million-selling album debuts.

Industry insiders confirm everyone else in the music industry is a basic bitch. They believe T Swift’s well on her way to selling over a million units of “1989″ this week. That’s only the 19th album ever to score those numbers since Nielsen SoundScan started tracking sales in 1991!

It’s an incredible album, but it certainly helps sales when the album’s total price is 99 cents.

Watch Ariana Grande Behind-The-Scenes Of “Love Me Harder” Video

Watch Ariana Grande Behind-The-Scenes Of "Love Me Harder" Video

Ariana Grande is laying down in another music video.

Ari released behind-the-scenes footage from her upcoming music video for “Love Me Harder,” and seeing as I love this song and am feeling like a diva myself, I felt the urge to share.

The video appears to take place where Britney Spears shot her “Till The World Ends” vid, which means this will be Ari’s best video to date.

Things I find intriguing/like about this clip:

  • Ariana Grande’s getting carried around
  • Ariana Grande’s wearing cat ears again
  • The song’s about the compromise of love
  • Casper Smart choreographed it
  • She’s being carried because Queen Ari doesn’t walk with her own legs
  • The director is a fierce ass chick named Hannah Lux Davis
  • Watch it here:

    Danity Kane Release “Rhythm Of Love” Video Because Why Not

    Danity Kane Release "Rhythm Of Love" Video Because Why Not

    Danity Kane couldnt’ agree to appear together, so we got this instead.

    After getting into physical and emotional altercations, Danity Kane decided to split-up. Since they’re unsigned, they put their own money into their album and were like, ‘we might as well release it anyway despite me punching your blonde ass in the head.’

    Aubrey and Shannon hate Dawn’s guts (allegedly), so they filmed for their first single “Rhythm of Love” with out her. And them.

    It shows every day basics like you and me dancing and courting their perspective love interests – kind of cute, actually.

    Watch it here: