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Justin Timberlake Made A Young Fan’s Day, Week, Month, Life

Nothing like being at sold-out Barclays with the King of Brooklyn… #JT2020Tour

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Justin Timberlake’s been in a lot of movies, but there was nothing scripted about this.

During his sold-out concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, a 10-year-old boy dressed in a (as long as I got my) suit and tie handed Justin a present, telling the “Tunnel Vision” singer he’s been a fan since he was two.

It caught the normally composed JT off guard – taking a moment to step back from the spotlight to set the present (a bow tie) down.


“I love you kiddo. Shit, that got me,” JT said. “You’re the coolest dude here.”

Watch the heart-felt moment here:

Slay! New Photos Of Britney In Women’s Health Magazine

Slay! New Photos Of Britney In Women's Health Magazine

Crying. Britney Spears looks flawless in Women’s Health magazine.

More photos from Britney’s Women’s Health magazine spread leaked on Exhale today, and it confirms she is Godney: Queen of All Things Pop And Everything Made Of Atoms.

It’s only a matter of time until the issue leaks where we can read her interview versus drooling over new Britney pics.

See the new snaps below:

Enjoy 365 Days Of Nicki Minaj

Now you can stare at Nicki Minaj’s assets all year long.

The racy calendar comes with the deluxe version of her new album, “The Pinkprint,” out today (duh). Every photo showcases Nicki Minaj’s sex appeal or anaconda in a big way. So basically, if you hate Nicki Minaj’s music, buy the album anyway because how could anyone dislike pictures like these?

Besides our parents. Our parents will definitely dislike these. Another incentive!

See the calendar here:

Meanwhile… Britney Spears Has A Sunday Funday

Sunday funday… never a dull moment

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While the Britney Army was freaking out over the plethora of new music gossip, Britney was getting tickled.

Sunday was a big day for Britney fans! It’s like, we go weeks without anything to sink our teeth into, then in a matter of hours we’re flooded several tidbits of news that our basic lives were desperately waiting for.

In case you missed it: