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If Britney Spears Released An Acoustic Pop Album

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Britney And Mario Lopez Did Indeed Hook Up

Sooo much better than David Lucado.

During his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few weeks back, Mario revealed he had a one night stand with a pop star in Vegas six or seven years ago.

Selena Gomez Is Releasing A Greatest Hits Just For You

Selena Gomez Is Releasing A Greatest Hits Just For You

Selena Gomez has enough material for a Greatest Hits.

Sure, she’s only had a couple of albums, but that’s not stopping Selena Gomez from releasing a greatest hits called:

Watch Ferras’ “Speak In Tongues”

Watch Ferras' "Speak In Tongues"

Katy Perry’s first signed artist released a new music video

Ferras debuted his black and white music vid for “Speak In Tongues” off his self-titled EP today.

Ferras told BreatheHeavy.com about the music video:

“It has a lot of non-specific, religious iconography. ‘Speak In Tongues’ is a biblical reference. [The video] takes place in a suggestive church. There’s something really intimate about the song. It’s about trying to recapture the lost intimacy with your lover. Rather than using words to hurt each other, it talks about using touch and connecting on a deeper, spiritual level. It’s going back to the basics.”

See it here:

Calvin Harris Teases “Together” With Gwen Stefani

Calvin Harris Teases "Together" With Gwen Stefani

New Gwen Stefani!

Calvin Harris shared a preview of his song with Gwen Stefani called “Together” off his upcoming album, “Motion.” Speaking of Gwenny Gwen Gwen, her song, “Baby Don’t Lie,” premieres this Sunday!

Check it out here: