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Victoria Prince: “I Don’t Feel Threatened By Britney”

Someone spike a volleyball in her face and shut this bitch up.

Victoria Prince was recently interviewed about being Kevin Federline’s new girlfriend. Compelling, I know.

“Sure, it’s hard being apart but I don’t feel threatened by Britney,” Prince told RadarOnline.com regarding Kevin traveling with Britney on her “Circus” tour. “I’m a confident woman too!”

“I think it’s great that Kevin and Britney are working together for their sons,” she said.

While Kevin is being paid $5000 a week to be on tour with Britney, Prince house-sits Kevin’s home in Tarzana, conveniently not saying whether she will be joining Kevin on tour or not.

“Everything is good between us and everybody is trying to make the best of the situation,” Prince added with a smile. “At the end of the day, the boys’ needs are being met with this arrangement.”

Prince claims the new-found “stardom” can be “difficult” to deal with at times, but plans on staying grounded.

“I just try and stay as normal as I can.”

$5 says you stopped reading half-way through. Meaning you probably won’t even read this. In that case, your mom’s a whore; go suck a fat one.

The Official “The Circus Starring Britney Spears:” Atlanta Post – UPDATED

Welcome to ~The OFFICIAL: The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour: Atlanta, Georgia BREATHEHEAVY POST~

Britney’s second show in Atlanta, Georgia kicks off around 8 p.m. EST tonight.

Feel free (in fact, I encourage it) to post any and ALL updates regarding Britney’s show tonight in this thread.

Pretty sure I got a few gray hairs covering the kick-off show in New Orleans two nights ago, so this post will be updated (by YOU, the users), and posted on the main page after the show’s conclusion later this evening.

Good luck tonight, Britney!

UPDATE: The following Twitter accounts claim they will be updating live at Britney’s Atlanta show. Enjoy!


UPDATE 2: Check out some nice shots of Britney performing in Atlanta tonight. Click below to view:

Kevin Bans Sean & Jayden From Britney’s Show

Oh HAIL no.

According to new reports, K-Fat has banned Sean & Jayden from seeing any more of their mommy’s tour performances because the show is “too risque for the boys to watch.”

Britney reportedly performed a “child friendly” version of her performance for her kids last Saturday during rehearsals.

“It was great for Brit to have the children around,” a source tells the Daily Mirror.

“There is so much riding on the tour that she had worked herself up and her nerves were getting to her.

Seeing the boys before her big night helped to relax her. She let them see most of her numbers in rehearsals, but the really sexy ones she left until the late-night run throughs when they had gone home.”

So he gets to call the shots AND make $5000 a week off this???

Britney Takes The Boys To Disney World


A tour source reveals to BreatheHeavy.com that Britney took Sean & Jayden to Disney World today in Orlando, Florida, and is currently on her way to Atlanta, Georgia to meet up with the rest of her entourage and tour crew for her show tonight.

“Britney wanted to take a break rehearsing,” said the source, “and had a great time with her kids at Disney World and is amped for the show tonight.”

Britney posed with her boys at Mickey’s Toontown Fair at the Magic Kingdom, as well as riding on the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway attraction with assistant Brett Miller.

Hope they had fun!!!

Photos: OKmagazine.com