Lady Gaga Was Reborn This Way, Baby

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Britney's Home, Y'all

Britney Spears Promotes The Intimate In Norway

Britney Confirms She's Extending Piece Of Me

Britney’s Home, Y’all

Britney's Home, Y'all

There’s no place like home.

After a crazy run in Europe promoting The Intimate collection, Britney is finally back home chillaxing before she gets ready for another round of Piece Of Me shows in Vegas.

She Tweeted fans:

Britney: I’ll Do Music For Another 10 Years

Britney: I'll Do Music For Another 10 Years

Britney ain’t going nowhere!

In an interview with Germany’s Bild, Britney opens about recording hits for another decade, the dark times in her past and and what she looks forward to in the future.

The interview’s originally posted in German, so here’s the translation at its best:


Lady Gaga: ‘Cheek To Cheek’ Is “The Most Important Album I’ve Ever Made”

Lady Gaga: 'Cheek To Cheek' Is "The Most Important Album I've Ever Made"

What’s “ARTPOP?”

Lady Gaga tells Ryan Seacrest in a new interview her album with Tony Bennett, “Cheek To Cheek,” tops all her other records to date. Sure, the album sounds effortless, but it took a lot out of Gaga to record with Bennett because of his magnitude as a musician.

She said:

Hilary Duff Didn’t Love The Pressure Of Being Squeaky Clean

Hilary Duff Didn't Love The Pressure Of Being Squeaky Clean

Hilary Duff embraced her bad self, just privately.

Hilary said during her interview on the Elvis Duran Show she felt the pressures of being a good role model when she was younger because she “cares what people think” about her. She sees stars like Miley Cyrus doing their thing and appreciates they don’t give a shit.

“I think that Miley, she’s being authentic to who she is and wants to be and I think that’s rad,” Hilary said. “Like, unapologetically, she is going for it and being really bold and not really caring what anybody thinks.”

“I do identify with the frustrations of feeling like I have to be a good role model — or did, maybe — not so much anymore,” she added. “And that was hard because you do want to explore yourself and there’s this reputation to hold up or whatever. But I took a big break, just because I needed to, and I got to do a lot of living and soul-searching and I got to mess up, but I just did it a little more privately than all the others.”

As for when her album comes out? No clue.

Watch the interview below: