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Mariah Carey Performs As Mrs. Claus, Obviously

Caption This: Mariah Carey Performs As Mrs. Claus

Caption this photo of Mariah Claus.

During a performance in Bangkok, Thailand, Mariah Carey decided she’d celebrate one holiday by promoting another. It’s a mind-fuck, but very Mariah Carey and I approve.

What’s not pictured is the dozen elves she enslaved to carry her around, choose her ensembles and change diapers.

See her in costume:

Selena Gomez Has Something Happening Next Month

Selena Gomez Has Something Happening Next Month

Selena Gomez is returning to the scene. I think.

Taylor Swift’s bestie, Selena Gomez, is M.I.A. from the music biz these days. The last we heard from Selena was her collaboration with Ben Kweller for her acoustic song, “Hold On,” from their movie Rudderless.

There’s also a rumor Selena’s releasing a Greatest Hits called “For you,” and it could be out in November.

She updated her Instagram bio to say “Next month..”

Here’s what I think this could mean:

Listen To Calvin Harris & Tinashe’s “Dollar Signs”

Listen To Calvin Harris & Tinashe's "Dollar Signs"

Tinashe finds herself on a track with Calvin Harris as promised.

Calvin certainly has an ear for who’s in at the moment, and Tinashe (pronounced ti-nosh-aye) is definitely it. The production is in-your-face – a typical Harris club anthem, but Tinashe’s airy vocals compliment the beat’s harshness (I mean that in a good way).

Listen to it here: