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Beyonce & Jay-Z Are Recording An Album Together

Beyonce & Jay-Z Are Recording An Album Together

We get it. You played us.

Beyonce and Jay-Z wrapped up their “On The Run” tour last weekend, so what’s up next for the power couple? They’re reportedly recording an album together set for late 2014 / early 2015. In other words: you WILL embrace them whether you like it or not. I surrender.

Check out a ton of pictures of the happy couple from their recent vacation:

Charli XCX: Britney And Periods Are Punk, Record Execs Are Not

Charli XCX: Britney And Periods Are Punk, Record Execs Are Not

Is that why she called it “Boom Clap?”

Charli XCX likes things that are punk. This includes Britney Spears and her period, which she tells Complex magazine she just started. BRB throwing up.

Nicole Scherzinger’s New Album Is Called “Big Fat Lie”

Nicole Scherzinger's New Album Is Called "Big Fat Lie"

I shall not tell a lie. This is Nicole Scherzinger’s album cover.

Whether it be the hideous typeface, or the name itself, but what the fuck at Nicole Scherzinger’s new album cover. The “On The Rocks” singer debuted the cover art and tracklist yesterday. She asked her fans to decode the song titles through a crossword puzzle on Instagram, which is a good concept in theory, but ain’t nobody trying to play that. You have three seconds and I’m out.

See the “Big Fat Lie” songs here:

Britney Can’t Get Enough Of Vegas #PieceOfMe

Britney To Extend Her Vegas Residency

Britney Spears is this close to extending her Vegas residency.

Things are looking up for Vegas to keep Britney in town for another couple years.