Updated! Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe - August 27

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Updated! Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe – August 27

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe - August 27

Britney performed Piece of Me in Vegas on Wednesday!

After a few days off, Brit returned to slay your favs at Planet Hollywood in the city of sin.

Read through all the juicy updates from the show in EXHALE.

Check out pictures from the show:

Britney’s Boyfriend Gets Freaky During Freakshow #PieceOfMe

To celebrate the return of Britney Spears’ Piece of Me tonight (I know it’s only been like 3 days but whatever), here’s a video of David Lucado participating as the victim during Brit’s “Freakshow” segment of Piece Of Me over the weekend.

It caused quite the stir in Exhale.

He betta get it! See it here:

Rita Ora & Iggy Azalea Almost Pulled A Britney & Madonna

Rita Ora And Iggy Azalea Almost Shared An On-Stage Kiss

Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea almost recreated Britney and Madonna’s (and I guess Christina Aguilera’s) infamous kiss on stage this year’s VMAs, but Iggy turned Rita down.

Rita told The Sun:

Hilary Duff Filming “All About You” Video Next Week

Hilary Duff Filming "All About You" Video Next Week

Hilary Duff dropped by the SiriusXM Studios on Wednesday in L.A. to promote her soon-to-be multi-platinum selling song, “All About You,” and gave a candid insight into her beautiful, Lizzie McGuire mind.

The highlights from her interview you must know about:

  • Her crazy eye condition
  • Going out without her kid…
  • …AND not feeling guilty about it
  • Her love for Orange Is The New Black
  • The Fault In Our Stars movie
  • If couples can amicably break up
  • Thoughts on the new Bachelor
  • Filming the “All About You” music video
  • Loving bad boys

  • Full interview and pictures from the appearance here: