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Is Britney Feeling Pressure To Perform?

Sometimes I think this is all too much too soon for Britney. Earlier this year she was committed, and is now about to embark on a world tour? Whattttt?

According to, sources close to Britney are worried that the pressure of performing and touring may not be in Britney’s best interests at the moment. And the demands of fans wanting to sing live may be taking its toll on Britney.

One source said, “Britney has been told that if she doesn’t deliver on this tour a lot of the public support she has earned is going to fade away.”

But with the success of her new album launching to #1, amazing tour sales and hot promotional performances, shouldn’t Britney feel on top of the world?

“Britney is feeling the pressure more and more as she rehearses for the tour. She knows one slip-up and it could all be over for her because she will be crucified in the press. After what she’s been through, it’s hard to imagine how she’s going to cope.”

I still think a “Blackout” re-release was the way to go for this year. Yeah, I said it. BUT, things didn’t turn out that way, and as fans we need to continue to show love and support for Britney – including the rushed launch of her latest album Circus. Either way, Britney is doing amazing and I’m so proud of her!

Just wondering…

Longer Mix Of Britney & Ellen’s Jingle Bells

Check out this extended version of Britney and Ellen’s Jingle Bells thug remix – they even added a beat! I know this vid is sort of random, but so is the second day of snow here in Vegas. I’m not over that it’s snowing… Makes me want to curl up next to a fire with a warm cup of cocoa and fresh new copy of “Through The Storm.” Click below to stream:



PS – snow.

December 17 – Britney Arrives To LAX

Britney’s baaaaaaaaaack!

Check out Brit, wearing her favorite Ben Sherman jacket, arriving to LAX in Los Angeles this morning after her trip to Japan to perform / promote her album Circus. Bet the first thing she does is sees her babies!

Hope she loved Japan!

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Inside Britneys Birthday Bash At Tenjune In New York City

Seriously, we’ve been celebrating Britney’s birthday for like 4 months now – and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Check out these fashionably late pictures of Britney inside her birthday bash at club Tenjune in New York City earlier this December, courtesy of the bitches at

Britney posed with her mom, Lance Bass and dancers for the shots, and she looks uhhhhhhhhhh-mazing! I think I can go back on the record and say I can’t wait to see more sushi pix of Britney on New Year’s Eve! I’m impatient! Click below to view: