Will Britney Perform New Choreography In Piece Of Me?

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I accidentally deleted all my posts in exhale.

That’s why you can’t see the comments in the posts below these.

Just my luck…

Posts will continue as normal – as soon as I punch the shit out of the nearest thing around me.


Britney On Ellen Preview

Check out this brand new clip of Ellen and Britney singing Christmas Carols, well, trying to anyway! The full skit airs Tuesday, December 16th on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Click to stream, courtesy of BreatheHeavy member karlosdoodoo:

Source: Ellen.com

December 10 – Britney At International Dance Academy

Check out Britney leaving the International Dance Academy Wednesday evening after rigorous rehearsals in preparation for her upcoming tour. Britney seemed to be in a good mood as she waved and smiled to photogs snapping her picture. Sunglasses at night? So sexy. Click to stream:

Source: x17online.com

“Circus” #1 On Billboard’s European Top 100 Albums Chart

Another number one!!!

The Circus album has just placed #1 on Billboard’s “European Top 100 Albums” chart!

Additonally, Circus took the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart!

And if that’s not enough, “Circus,” the second single off Britney’s new album, has debuted on The Billboard Hot 100 chart at #3!