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Lindsay Lohan Blogs About Circus

GAH! I can’t believe I’m linking to friggin Lindsay Lohan’s Myspace, but it’s the least I can do after she assisted in fuckin Britney up in 2006, then talked a bunch of shit to the media saying Britney was just a “photo-op.” What a sweetie!

Well, it looks like the tables have turned now that Britney is back on top.

Lindsay Lohan said a few nice words about Britney after her newest rant in her latest Myspace blog, saying:


“on another note. in support of a talented woman…
enjoy the music
love always

Currently listening :
By Britney Spears
Release date: By 2008-12-02″

It’s the least she could do!

I can totally imagine Lindsay and Samantha Ronson pussyfooting to “Lace And Leather.” My mind is dirty and graphic, I get it.

Fed-Ex Ate The Extra Postage

K-fat was spotted playing video games with Britney’s money at a bowling alley in Woodland Hills earlier in the week.

OK, I’ll be nice. It IS Sunday afterall… Alright, screw that!

Where do I even begin with this picture? A.) He looks way too comfortable with that gun in his hand, B.) WTF at those shoes, C.) I’m pretty sure he’s wearing my old highschool uniform, and D.) Oh yea, he’s a lard-ass!

Must be difficult stealing all of Britney’s money away and spending it on weed, pop tarts, cigarettes and weed.

More amazing fatty pics at How fitting!

Image: TMZ

December 06 – Britney Shopping At Kitson

Check out Britney shopping at Kitson in Glendale, California Saturday afternoon for some new genes jeans! Britney also picked up some toys for Sean and Jayden, including a wooden horse and an over-sized Elmo.

A crush of paparazzi ensued outside the boutique. Of course.

She looks good!


3rd Single Should Be…

So apparently all the cool kids are posting this poll today, asking fans what should be Britney’s 3rd single. Normally I like to stay objective about topics relating to Britney (hahaha big fat lie), but I’ll go on the record and say I think the 3rd single should be the Bloodshy & Avant produced track “Unusual You,” followed by “Kill The Lights” as single #4 with “Shattered Glass” co-released as an international track. But what do I know?

Britney’s official site posted the poll, but all their comments are like “OMG Britney I LOVE U!!11 I’m from Brazil! kisses! xoxo.” The label needs some actual feedback, so here goes:

Those voting for “Mmm Papi” can X out. Thanks.

PS – I did a poll like this earlier in the year asking what the 3rd single from Blackout should be. “Break The Ice” won. Just saying.