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New If U Seek Brett Pictures: London

Check out these new If U Seek Brett shots from Britney’s last show at the O2 arena in London Sunday night, courtesy of BreatheHeavy reader Adrian Jam.

Brett was nice enough to smile for Britney fans as she waited next to her lady friend and papa Spears.

And enjoy this rare glimpse of Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, posing with a fan in London.

Can’t wait for the second North American leg; more Brett!

Photog Denies Topless “Gimme More” Photos Were Without Britney’s Consent

The photog who took topless photos of Britney dancing on a pole on the set of her music video “Gimme More” is denying accusations the pictures were taken without Britney’s permission, according to new reports.

Last Sunday, British website Newsoftheworld.co.uk published photos of Britney wearing star pasties over her breasts.

“The photographer’s agent, Alec Byrne, refuses to identify his client but insists Spears brought the photographer to the video shoot and posed for the topless snaps, taken at a Los Angeles studio.”

“These pictures were (Spears’) idea,” said Byrne to the New York Post. “She was going to use this in the promotion of the video – but obviously, after (she) saw the content, decided not to. These weren’t sneak pictures.”

Click here for the full set of photos.

Britney’s conservatorship lawyers did not return requests for comment.

I smell bullshit; these are clearly stills from a video… not pictures.

Britney To Use new iPhone 3G S

Britney is a technophile and will be using the new iPhone 3G S soon, according to new reports.

A source in her camp revealed Britney wanted to stay away from endorsing / associating with Apple products because she “doesn’t want to own something just because everybody else does,” but is sick and tired of having her cell phone and media player separate.

“Britney really likes watching music videos and television shows on her media players,” said the source. “She knows how to easily convert her whole library into MP4 files.”

“She loves 80s music videos. Her favorite is “Borderline,” by Madonna. But she also likes “Thriller,” by Michael Jackson and “Take on Me” by A-Ha,” and the movie “Heathers.”

Call me!

Britney Plans Trip To Thailand After “Circus” Tour

Britney has plans to take a luxurious vacation to Thailand at the end of this leg of her “Circus” tour before her second North American leg, according to new reports.

Britney is reportedly renting an entire resort in Thailand so she can “treat her backing dancers and key staff to some R&R.”

The “Unusual You” singer will spend over $200,000 for a week at the Sila Evason hotel in Koh Samui.

Britney is apparently extending the offer to ex-husband Kevin Federline and his new girlfriend Victoria Prince.

Guess receiving $20,000 a month from Britney isn’t enough!